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Become a Queer Coins Business Parter

Mission: Bridge the gap between businesses and the LGBTQ+ community, fostering inclusivity and diversity in the marketplace while enabling businesses to grow and engage authentically with a broader, more diverse customer base.

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Drive Traffic

Offering a free item or discount on Queer Coins is a powerful strategy to drive traffic to your business. It attracts the LGBTQ+ community directly to your doorstep, enticing them with a unique value proposition and turning first-time visitors into loyal customers.

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Why Become a Queer Coins Business Partner?

By partnering with Queer Coins, your business will tap into a dynamic and growing market, driving increased traffic and exposure. Our platform specifically serves the LGBTQ+ community, providing a unique Free opportunity to showcase your products and services to an engaged and diverse audience. This targeted approach not only amplifies your reach but also positions your brand as inclusive and socially aware, attracting both loyal customers from the Queer community and allies who value inclusivity. In joining Queer Coins, you're not just expanding your customer base; you're aligning your brand with values of diversity and inclusion, creating a positive ripple effect that attracts a wider, more varied clientele to your business.

Increase Revenue

Offering a free item on Queer Coins can significantly boost your sales; once customers visit your business to redeem their free item, they're likely to purchase additional products, enhancing overall revenue.

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New Customers

Offering a free item invites new customers to try your business, opening the door for them to become regular, loyal patrons.

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How it works?

Community Members join our site's FREE membership and earn Queer Coins for every dollar they spend! These coins can be redeemed for exciting rewards like free merchandise, tickets, or products at partner businesses.  

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Become a Queer Coins Business Partner

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