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Find Your Place To Belong

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Mission: Queer Calendar works to foster Queer Joy and Belonging by connecting Queer People to Queer Events 

How does it work? 

Promote your upcoming event to a wider audience for free? We're excited to announce that Queer Connect KC is building a shared Queer community calendar, and we'd love for you to be a part of it! By simply adding Queer Connect KC as a cohost to your Facebook event, your event will be automatically be added to our Facebook & calendar, and we'll feature it on our Facebook page weekly.  Additionally, on Instagram, you can tag us as a collaborator or mention us in a story. @queerconnectkc If you add us as a collaborator, your event will appear on our IG page and newsfeed. If you mention us in a story, we'll be sure to reshare it to our story for even greater visibility. 

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Find your Place to belong 

Why Add My Event? 

  • One source of record: The co-host feature creates one source of record, which reduces the administrative burden of reentering information into a new site.

  • Auto-update: As event details change, it will automatically update the shared source of record.

  • Increased participation: Small and large organizations can benefit from a large audience.

  • Scheduling: The shared calendar allows organizations to see current events scheduled and plan according to maximize attendance and minimize overlap.

  • Collaboration: This could be the first step to organizers collaborating more as a community and sharing resources.

  • Cost-effective: It reduces the expense and time required to build awareness.

How do I add Queer Connect KC as a cohost? 

How do I add my event to Queer Connect KC
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