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Queer Bar Takeover’s Mission: Reclaiming space to make room for queer joy and uninhibited queer expression. 


Holding Hands

“We don’t come out for heterosexual people to know. We don’t come out for the ones who hate us to know. We shout and make as much noise as possible just so other people like us who are scared and can’t be themselves will know that they are not a mistake and they are not alone”

-Artem Kolesov

We are thrilled that you have chosen to host the Queer Bar Takeover! This event presents an excellent opportunity for you to connect with the queer community and establish your business as an ally and a safe haven for LGBTQIA individuals to enjoy. Past hosts have shared their success stories, with some reporting an increase of $9,000 to $10,000 in revenue for the night and witnessing a growth in returning customers following the event.

Event Time: 9 pm - Midnight 

Date: Second Saturday of each Month 

What you can expect from us: ​​

  • We will provide transportation through the Queer Shuttle Bus to alleviate parking issues and promote responsible behavior by reducing the risk of drunk driving and fostering a more connected experience for attendees.

  • We will utilize our extensive social media presence, boasting over 7000+ loyal followers, to advertise and market the takeover event. This will help raise awareness for your establishment and attract a larger audience.

  • A professional photographer will be present to document the night, capturing memorable moments and showcasing the vibrant atmosphere.

  • We will set up a selfie booth, complete with a ring light and backdrop, allowing attendees to capture fun and shareable photos throughout the event.

  • A coat check service will be available, and we kindly request a fee of $3 per coat to cover the operational costs.

  • We will facilitate the distribution of wristbands to our attendees. Your staff will still be responsible for checking IDs to ensure a safe and legal environment.

  • Pride Flags will be prominently displayed at the entrance and inside the bar, showcasing your support and creating an inclusive atmosphere for all attendees.

  • Gender-neutral bathroom signs will be provided for the men's (Urnals) and women's (Stalls) bathrooms. This will ensure that transgender and gender-fluid individuals feel welcome and comfortable in the space.

  • It's important to note that Queer Bar Takeover does not require exclusive access to the venue. Your bar can continue to operate as usual, serving your regular customers alongside the takeover event.

  • Setup up will take place at 2pm the day of the event and we will return at 8pm to get the event started at 9pm 

  • Our health partner KC Care Clinic will be handing out safe sex kits and conducting HIV testing

Lance Pierce  


Follow the Fun

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What we expect of you:​​

  • Ensure the presence of a sufficient number of staff, ideally 6-8 bartenders, to minimize wait times and provide quick service to the 350+ queer attendees who are likely to order 6+ cocktails each over a 3-hour period.

    • Consider setting up satellite bars that exclusively serve canned beverages and wine, as this has proven effective in managing high volume and reducing wait times at previous events.

    • Pre-batch mixed drinks that can be poured over ice to expedite service and ensure efficiency during peak hours.

    • Incorporate mystery shots into your offerings, as they have been well-received by attendees at previous events.

    • Recognize that most host bars have faced challenges in handling the increased drink volume, so it's important to be prepared for the potential demand.

  • Provide enticing drink specials for the duration of the event, such as:

    • $6 Mixed Drinks

    • $6 Wine

    • $10 Craft Cocktails

    • $4 Beer

    • $4 Mystery Shot

  • Grant free entry to individuals wearing the Queer Bar Takeover Wristband, encouraging attendance and promoting inclusivity.

  • Allocate a budget of $350 for a DJ, unless you already have a house DJ scheduled. We recommend DJ CQUENCE for an exceptional experience.

  • Donate 1% of revenues that occur between 9pm - Midnight to the Queer Endowment

  • Share relevant photos and your brand story with us, which we can utilize for marketing purposes to further promote the event.

Google Business Review

We'll post event photos on social media and rock your Google Business page with an epic review, solidifying your status as the ultimate queer ally! As a bonus, we'll gift you a Progress Pride flag, empowering you to showcase your unwavering support for the queer community year round. 

Queer Bar Takeover Google Business Page Review

Previous Hosts 


  • Westport Bar & Rec

  • Tom's Town 

  • Shark Bar

  • Chicken N Pickle

  • Tin Roof KC

  • J. Reiger


  • Society

  • Tom's Town 

  • Lula Southern Cookhouse

  • Brick House 

  • Soirée Steak & Oyster House

  • J Reiger Distillery 

  • Black Box 

  • Parlor 

  • Grinders

  • Kansas City Hotel

  • The Ship


  • Tom's Town

  • Rye Plaza 

  • Savory at 21c

  • 2016 Main

  • Fountain Haus 

  • The Ship

  • J Rieger Distillery 

  • The Black Box Theater

  • Lifted Spirits Distillery

  • Yard Bar

  • The Fall - Ale House 


  • The Ship

  • Disco Globo

  • Lotus

  • Gael’s Public House

  • BLVD Nights

  • Mosaic

Jen DeMeyer

Two Light Apartments

“We absolutely loved hosting Queer Bar Takeover! The group was friendly, respectful and thirsty and we’re looking forward to having them again.”

Jeremy Bennett

Crossroads Hotel

“Queer Bar Takeover is cemented as one of the best nights at Crossroads Hotel to date. A great group and a great cause - we’re looking forward to the opportunity to host the next and the next!”

Erin Hassett

Parlor KC

“Queer Bar Takeover was an excellent event from start to finish. They were kind and easy to work with, and they took care of all the details for the takeover. Parlor simply got to serve away and enjoy the party! We had a record-smashing day as far as sales are concerned, and we look forward to the next time we are able to host.”
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